Call for Curator|2021年策展人驻地项目开放申请






In 2021, we want to use entire year to proceed curator residency project, offer talented curators opportunities to realize their experimental projects in which their reflection on current society, their observation of local art communities and their challenge to existed problems can be told. 






4 seats are available for the Curator Residency Project in StudioGallery_ProjectSpace 2021. We welcome talented curators to Shanghai to start their new projects!



 -Residency Duration and Quotas in 2021- 




Residency Duration: 2021 entire year, curators could choose 2 months in between to realize their projects.

Quotas: For this OPEN CALL, we will provide max.4 places for the curators to apply, max. 2 curators (individual or a team) can take the residency in the same period.



 -What we can offer- 


◆ 丰富的在地艺术资源

◆ 优越的300平驻地空间,其中包括50平米开放空间可以用来工作,交流,展示,举办活动。

◆ 对于最后项目呈现的方式不做限制,一切皆有可能。我们希望以项目为中心,寻求最适合的表达方式。

◆ 在合理的情况下,我们将全力支持策展人提出的想法和方案并为项目落地提供必要沟通。

◆ 在驻地项目圆满完成后,与画廊保持持续性交流和合作的可能。


◆ Abundant local art resource

◆300mresidential environment includes 50m2 open space that can be used for work, communication, present and hold events.

◆ There are no restrictions on how the final project can be presented, anything is possible. We want to focus on the project and find the most suitable way of presentation.

◆ Within reasonable bounds, we will fully support the ideas and proposals put forward by the curators and provide the necessary communication to get the project off the ground.

◆The possibility of further collaboration with the gallery after the successful completion of the residency project.


 - 我们希望你- 

 -We hope you- 


◆ 相关专业的研究生、博士生在读或已毕业。有1年以上的独立策展经验且将策展视为个人职业方向

◆ 对于策展有着自己的真实思考和想法,愿意在驻地期间做一些实验性的创作,尝试新的、不同以往的创作主题或形式。

◆ 充分明确驻地项目的意义,愿意配合项目的资料收集和采访拍摄,愿意为项目的学术含金量负责,可以接受高强度自主的工作方式。

◆ 同意工作室画廊项目空间保留对其作品基于学术观点的讨论、批评的权利。



◆Master or Doctor in relevant subjects, at least one-year independent curatorial experience and willing to consider curator as a future career. 

◆The curator has his/her unique reflection and research interest in curating and is willing to do some experimental work which is different from the previous work.

◆The curator should fully understand the meaning of residency project is not just for a cultural trip. Be responsible for his/her works' academic value. Ensure steady work and willing to cooperate with the working process documenting and interview shooting.

◆Curators agree that Studio Gallery reserves the right to discuss and criticize his/her works based on academic views.

*Studio Gallery has the final right to cease the project at any time due to academic judgment.


 - 报名方式 - 

 - Application Instructions - 


◆ 申请报名费


◆ 所需提交的资料 (文件名请与内容相符)

1. 详细个人简历(包括教育背景,以往展览经历)

2. 以往1-3个策展项目(以PDF或网站链接的形式)

3. 此次驻地项目的计划(800字之内的文字简述或4分钟之内的视频MP4/音频MP3)

  • 对于呈现项目大致主题和形式构想

  • 这个计划为什么要在工作室画廊的项目空间呈现

  • 期望入驻的时间段

4. 请附带报名费支付凭证

◆ 资料递交方式

1. 以上资料均以邮件⽅式提交至

2. 邮件主题示范:

驻地项目申请:王明 2021年10月3日 - 2021年12月3日

3. 由于网络安全限制,请勿加载过大附件(50M以内),以免资料下载失败

◆ 申请报名费支付方式:



◆ Application fee

Each applicant: 10 USD (we will carefully review on each application)

◆ Information to be submitted (Please rename the file to match the content)

- Detailed resume (including education background and previous exhibition experience)

- Material of 1-3 previous projects (in PDF form or website links)

- A proposal for residency project (Max. 400 words or a digital video mp4/audio mp3 within 4 mins)

  • a general plan, theme and form of your residency project

  • why this project should proceed in Studio Gallery's project space.

  • the expected time period of  residence

- Please attach application fee payment proof in your email

◆ Submission

- The above information shall be submitted by email to

- Sample of email subject: 

Residency project application: John Robert 2021.10.3 - 2021.12.3

- Due to the network security restrictions, please do not upload the attachment bigger than 50M to avoid data download failure.

◆ Pay your application fee here:


(Please copy the link above in your browser to complete the payment with Paypal and please save your payment proof)




About the Residency 




截至2021年1月,我们共举办了20场展览,3次Open Critique, 15个工作室开放日并出版了15期艺术家讨论报纸。



STUDIO GALLERY was founded in Shanghai in early 2017, and now runs two physical spaces covering a total area of 400 square meters. Our gallery space is located on Changle Road, Jingan District, and our residency space is located on Jiangzhi Road, Minhang District. 

STUDIO GALLERY is not simply a studio + a gallery. STUDIO GALLERY values the artist's working process, deeply explores and understands the motivation of the artist’s work, and strives to help artists transform values generated from their work into a consensus.

By January 2021, we have held 20 exhibitions, 3 Open Critique, 15 OpenStudio events and have published 15 issues of ARTIST TALK newspaper.

We are looking forward to welcoming artists/curators from all over the world to our residency space to create new projects. We will carefully document the process and methods of each artist, as well as the topics generated from it.

After the completing of the whole program, We will choose the artist/curators from the residency projects to showcase in the gallery space and have further cooperation in the future.






驻地项目最后一周将为工作室开放日Open Studio, 以便策展人可以利用此期间进行展览,活动,读书会,讲座等一切可能的形式。我们期待你能够探索,延伸艺术交流的边界并和来自各领域的艺术从业者展开对话。

The last week can be OpenStudio for the curator to hold the exhibition, event, reading group, lecture and any possible form. We expect that you can explore and extend the boundaries of art exchange and open up the discussion with art practitioners from different fields. 



Artist Talk Newspaper



Artist Talk newspaper is a special project initiated by Studio Gallery_Project Space. in which we carefully documented every step in each artist/curator working process during their residency as well as the thinking; topics generate from it. Of course, we also hope curator can include this newspaper as a part of his/her project, searching for the best way to document together with us.



Curator Instructions









It is the responsibility of the curators to apply for their visa (if necessary). Studio Gallery will provide supported materials for each curator. 


Safety & Insurance

Studio Gallery is not able to provide any type of insurance for curators. We suggest artists prepare insurance before their trip. The curators should be responsible for their own safe safety.





Residency Facilities



◆ 含艺术家工作室两间,独立客房两间,储藏室一间,工具间一间,暗房一间,项目空间办公室、厨房及院子。

Residency space covers an area of 300 square meters, a total of 3 floors.

◆ Contains 2 Artist Studio,2 private bedrooms for resident artists,1 shortage room,1 tool room ,1 darkroom, office, kitchen and courtyard.



Location & Surroundings


驻地空间位于上海市闵行区江栀路高端别墅区(浦江华侨城),距离地铁8号线_浦江镇站1公里,交通便捷。小区西门右拐200米就是24小时便利店,1公里以内有O’Mall商业广场 (家乐福在商场2楼)。


The Residency Space is located in a high-end villa area on Jiangzhi Road, Minhang Dist, Shanghai. It's 1km away from the nearest Metro Station (Line 8: PuJiang Town station). There is a convenient store 200 meters away from the west gate of the community. O’Mall is in 15 minutes walk (Carrefour is on the 2F) 

Nearby The Residency Space, there is the OCAT PuJiang Art Museum and several Green Lands. A widespread public artwork can be seen inside the whole community. Besides, the PuJiang Countryside Park and Zhao Jialou Ancient Town are in 20 minutes drive.



Residency Fee





Studio Gallery_Project Space is an independent non-profit space supported by Studio Gallery. The residency fee meets the minimal cost of running the residency. We encourage curators to manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries. Studio Gallery_Project Space will provide the necessary documentation to help every artist.

We will contact the curators who have applied for and meet the conditions and inform them of the further info.